How much money the 10 richest Bitcoin wallets?

How much money the 10 richest Bitcoin wallets?

Decentralization — the main thesis of the supporters of the cryptocurrency. Indeed, the network of Bitcoin is considered a decentralized compared to conventional currencies. But the distribution of wealth kriptonyte a little different from the real situation in the world. More than 95 percent of bitcoins are stored by almost three per cent of purses.

Today Bitcoin is trading at 11 817 dollars. For the past day the main cost of bitcoin has grown 2 percent this week BTC jumped to almost 5.25 per cent.

Who owns Bitcoin

The gap between rich and poor is huge. According to preliminary calculations, the status of the eight richest people in the world equivalent to all the money half of its population, nearly four billion people. Of course, such statistics have led the poor economic situation in many countries of the world.

And looks like the tip of a rich kriptonyte? As the information about the number of coins in the address is open to everyone, with the service of Bitcoin Rich List can get very interesting data. For example, the largest holders of bitcoins are only three, and their General condition reaches 379 653 BTC or 2.13 percent of all coins in circulation. This is approximately $ 4.26 million at the current rate.

Here’s a detailed list:

Wallets belong to exchanges, Huobi, Bittrex and Bitstamp. It is a cold store exchanges, so here the question about the owner is automatically eliminated.

In the service Bitcoin Rich List only three of the top 10 is not signed. It is possible that they owned a large Fund, but they can also belong to individual investors. Naturally, none with this amount of money on the purse do not want to advertise his identity. The total amount for the top 10 wallets — 910 885 BTC or roughly of 10.26 billion dollars at the current rate.

If your wallet more than 1 BTC, congratulations: you belong to a small number in the face of 2.81 percent enthusiasts. This group is owned 95,52% of all coins in circulation. At the moment the total number of such addresses — 585 627 units.

Note that each individual Bitcoin address is not necessarily associated with one person. Large investors abide by safety rules and distribute more number of crypto-currencies in different wallets to minimize damage in the event of a potential break-in.

Suggest you stick to the same tactics — divide your portfolio in different pockets and keep a lot of money on the exchanges.

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