How much money on the Genesis of the Ethereum wallet?

How much money on the Genesis of the Ethereum wallet?

The Genesis address in Ethereum’s easy to remember – it’s 0x and 40 zeros.

The Genesis of the wallet is the first wallet that appears in the network. For example, the network Bitcoin wallet consists of a combination, which remember is much more difficult. However, despite these difficulties, people still send money, in recognition of the genius of Satoshi Nakamoto, as it is believed that only he has access to it.

On the Genesis of the purse in Ethereum also periodically receive money. However, most of the money gets there by mistake, not as a recognition of the genius Vitalik Buterin.

Address 0x00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 not only easy to remember, but just as easy to type by mistake. And some wallets this address is used as the address of the “default”. On reddit periodically, there are questions about how to reclaim MIS-ERC20 tokens on the Genesis wallet.

In total, on the Genesis address was made over 750 transfers for three years, and today the balance is more than 7000 ETH, a cost of $ 6 million and more than 200 varieties of tokens ERC20 worth 517 million dollars. Some of these tokens were sent as airdrop, some tokens have been sent there deliberately to be more use of. Because of this, it is impossible to determine the exact amount of funds that have been sent to the Genesis of the wallet by mistake.

Today, the balance of this address is 33.000 Aeternity, almost half a million BAT 9.5 million Bytom, 750.000 Golem and many other cryptocurrencies.

While all the coins sent to the Genesis of the purse are considered to be irretrievably lost because of the peculiarities of the architecture of Bitcoin and the fact that Satoshi Nakamoto have not been active since disappeared in Ethereum it is not so radical. The Ethereum developers have access to the Genesis wallet, moreover, they could, using the technology of smart contracts to set it up so that after receiving the money he immediately sent them back. However, acne and other developers is not how much it in a hurry to do so.

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