How much is the writing of documentation for the ICO in China?

How much is the writing of documentation for the ICO in China?

It’s been a few months since the ban of the ICO in China,
and the services of professional copywriters who offer to prepare a technical description of the ICO project (whitepaper) are still in demand.

In September 2017 the people’s Bank of China banned the organization and conduct of the ICO in the country, however, if you search on such keywords as “ICO”, “blockchain” and “whitepaper”, on popular platforms, such as Taobao you can find hundreds of suggestions on writing, consultations on implementation and other services demanded for ICO projects.

According to an article published today in the Beijing News, many of those who provide such services agree to the falsification of data on ICO projects.

The cost of writing documentation for the ICO project starts at 600 dollars, what the performers are not interested in whether this project is real or fraudulent.

We can fake everything, including data about education and professional experience of the members of the project team: Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Cambridge, Apple or Google. Choose anything – we can realize any wish. A photo of team members will not be able to find anywhere else.

The article appeared the next day after the news Agency Xinhua released an extensive article on the topic that the ban on conducting and participating in ICO, as well as the ban on cryptocurrency exchanges in the country are actually not complied with.

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