How Facebook will become the largest cryptocurrency in the world

How Facebook will become the largest cryptocurrency in the world

Facebook doesn’t disclose its plans for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

In a new article in Business Insider reported that Facebook met with representatives of the Stellar (XLM). However, Facebook denies the potential partnership with Stellar and said that no negotiations in this regard are not maintained.

Despite denials, Facebook has been actively exploring blockchain technology and even created a special team for this. The team is headed by David Marcus, who had spearheaded the development of the Messenger app.

CNBC suggests that:

…social network can really shake unformed market through the acquisition of Coinbase … a Facebook Representative declined to comment on the rumors, but said that one of the reasons why Marcus left the Board of Directors of Coinbase is to avoid conflict, not actual conflict.

Leading capturador CNBC Ran Neuner believes that the departure of Markus speaks volumes, and sets out several scenarios:

  • FB launches cryptocurrency exchanger
  • FB launches platform cryptocurrency micropayments
  • FB buys Coinbase?
  • FB launches its own cryptocurrency wallet?
  • Your varinat

Anyway, Facebook continues to hire employees for its blockchain team and sooner or later declare itself in the market.

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