How can you link the chili and cryptocurrency: Burning taste and ambitious plans of Mexico

How can you link the chili and cryptocurrency: Burning taste and ambitious plans of Mexico

Mexican company Amar Hidroponia seek to benefit from the growing cryptocurrency market, giving people an opportunity to invest in your own token supported by the habanero.

Habanero has a slightly fruity touch in the flavor, but the pepper is extremely hot. It is added to dishes only for a few minutes (and added it whole and not cut), and then removed and thrown away. In a dish habanero’t leave.

This fiery hot pepper is famous as an indispensable product in the preparation of salsa, hot sauces, and Chile. And it is the universality of its application have transformed it from a main ingredient in the popular Mexican recipes in the product for cryptocurrency investment.

For growing habanero Amar Hidroponia company for over 16 years, uses an innovation called hydroponics. This is a way to grow plants in artificial environments without soil. The power plant is obtained from a special solution surrounding the roots.

By combining Blockchain technology with the popularity of Germany in September of last year, the company has created altcon Agrocoin. Each coin, which costs about $ 27, which is supported by square meter production area in Quintana Roo.

According to CEO Pablo Arteaga VEGA, Agrocoin goal is to give the General public the opportunity to invest their money in profitable cryptocurrency that promises annual dividends of 30%.

To increase the value of the product, to international markets comes only selective harvest of large, perfectly smooth and bright Chile-habanero. The remaining product is sold on local markets.

Currently, Amar Hidroponía owns five acres of hydroponic habanero to maintain token Agrocoin. With the new investment, the company plans to expand the area for cultivation of the product.

Agrocoin can be purchased on the website of the company. With regard to cryptocurrency exchanges, they coin will fall at the expiration of the annual period of blocking. To date, the company sold 50 000 tokens out of a planned million-man issue. Farm habanero after four months of existence, has proven its productivity, it will continue production for another eight months. During this period, investors cannot withdraw their money. The harvest takes place weekly, and the expected yield is two tonnes per hectare per week.

Pablo VEGA Arteaga says that unlike other cryptocurrencies, Agrocoin guarantees the stability of the price as a token depends on the demand for habanero, the percentage of sales which is unwavering in recent years in the markets in the United States of America.

The Director also noted that Agrocoin focused on investments, not for speculation, which can be observed in other cryptocurrencies.

Also, in his statement, Mr. VEGA mentions that Agrocoin will adhere to the FinTech Law, which regulates the financial companies.

The bill, underlying the Act FinTech aimed at ensuring financial stability and the prevention of money laundering has already been approved by the Mexican Senate.

Habanero is not the only product which is used in the cryptocurrency sphere. CaskCoin recently released a digital token that is supported by barrels best Scotch whiskey. In fact, if you have one CaskCoin, you also legally own one barrel whiskey.

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