Hollywood is making a film about the cryptocurrency

Hollywood is making a film about the cryptocurrency

In the movie called “Crypto” the story is about a Federal agent (played by Beau Knapp), who returns to his hometown of new York to investigate cases of corruption and fraud.

During the investigation, the agent discovers that “the entangled in a dangerous dark world populated by mysterious characters that were once his neighbors. Art dealer, enthusiast of cryptocurrency, cyber-detective, turned into a corrupt accountant and the ruthless customers — all those who have to face the main character.

The producers of the project have compared their offspring with the “Gang” in 2009 and “the Girl with the dragon tattoo.” It sounds, frankly, a little ambitious. Based on the description, the plot is just disgusting. Imagine a sequel to “sharknado”, but in the center of events cryptocurrency project, for example, Shark Coin.

And before you ask, we answer — Yes, the token does exist.

The movie “Crypto” may be the biggest Hollywood project in the cryptocurrency space, but not the first. However, pioneering, action Vietnamese production of “Bitcoin Heist”, with a 20 percent rating, cost to cast aside rotten tomatoes.

The Director of the movie “Crypto” will be John Stalberg, Jr., on account of which there are not so many worthy books, the most famous of which can be called the Comedy “high school”. However, the new film Comedy will not. Created the “Crypto” promise us an action-Packed Thriller, so you can see again.

But if you are expecting a movie that is actually worth it to buy the movie tickets and popcorn (and which at the same time will be about cryptocurrency), you’re in luck — the Coen brothers are working on a project about Silk Road. For the record: the Coen brothers are American film Directors, producers and writers movie. Are some of the most important writers of Hollywood. Widely known for such works as “the Old men”, “Fargo”, “the Big Lebowski”, “Barton Fink,” “Miller’s crossing” and “the Man who never was”. Have a total of four awards “Oscar”.

And for a snack we have added the trailer for the aforementioned film “Shark tornado” or “Arcado”, which, by the way, I have 5 parts! It is extraordinary, or not say!

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