“HODL” and its impact on the bull market

“HODL” and its impact on the bull market

“Hodling” not only became an important strategy for many users, but is the main reason why Bitcoin remains the most valuable cryptocurrency on the market.

For any non-technical investor of Bitcoin, hodling not seem so important part of the strategy. As a result of the downturn in the crypto markets in 2018, the majority of investors who bought the Bitcoin in late November last year, suffered 70% losses.

And let the Bitcoin losing value against the U.S. dollar, is no longer a cause of panic, the highest figure at $ 20,000 continues to shape the market, both from the point of view of liquidity and adoption.

In the period of the protracted bear market of all the least number of coins pass from hand to hand, because the holders retain their assets as long as possible.

The current stage in the life of Bitcoin became the subject of many studies both within and outside the cryptocurrency industry.

For example, a significant portion of the total quantity of bitcoins over the past year is much bigger compared to Althingi such as Bitcoin Cash, most of which is stored in wallets and never used.

At the same time, about half of the available bitcoins are in long-term storage, while the other half circulates actively. Important role in this process is played by the credit card companies like Inlock. The service blocks a bitcoin user at the time of issuance of the loan in Fiat.

However, due to the growing acceptance and fundamental stability in Bitcoin there was something that was lacking a year ago — alternatives for simple ultimatum “HODL-or-trade”.

“Hodler real heroes in the cryptocurrency space — the head of the marketing Department Inlock Peter Gergo.— They hold their digital assets, even during the bearish mood that slows down and controls the offer, and eventually leads to a new bullish trend.”

Here is the paradox of thrift. With the thrift of Bitcoin, unlike Fiat, which depreciates with each passing hour. Not need to be a guru of economic theory, you need only follow the money.

“Now imagine what happens when these investors begin to cooperate with Inlock. In fact, they will still hoglet, only on more favourable terms. In General offer a new perspective, it will be interesting to see the long-term consequences” — could not resist, Gergo from self-promotion. — Developing in tandem with the futures and other products for institutional investors, companies such as ours offer the opportunity to profit from Bitcoin, regardless of whether increasing the price up or down”

The time will come and all these savings will result in the world economy in the form of capital assets to contribute to the welfare and prosperity. This applies not to any one economy or one nation. It’s about the world of Finance and prosperity without borders.

“Experts” can shake the air all you want. The technology is still

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