Highlights of Consensus 2018, which is worth discussing

Highlights of Consensus 2018, which is worth discussing

The Consensus conference 2018 in new York, undoubtedly the largest cryptocurrency event of the year. The number of participants exceeded all expectations.

The conference is a three day event devoted to cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology. The consensus started on Monday 14 may and ended on Wednesday 16 may 2018. Of course, the Parking area was full of Lamborghini for all tastes.

According to Barry Silbert, CEO and founder of parent company Digital Currency Group, which owns CoinDesk, 2018 Consensus called for about 8,500 people. The ticket price was $ 2,000, and the latter sold at a price of $ 3,000 apiece. No need to be a great mathematician to calculate the total revenue from ticket sales, which totaled at least $ 17 million.

Below are some of the important moments of the conference.

Gemini will introduce support for more cryptocurrencies

Gemini now supports the zcash for, Cash, Bitcoin and Litecoin. This is the first licensed cryptocurrency exchange in the world, which allows you to trade zcash for, and hopes to provide a safe environment for this.

New York is planning to make a city block

James Puckett, CEO of economic development Corporation of new York (NYCEDC), announced this at the opening day of the Consensus, saying:

“We are a world leader in Finance, real estate, media and technology — all industries see incredible innovation in this new technology. The city pays great attention to the blockchain, seeks to assess its potential for the development of various industries to make new York even more comfortable for residents.”

Fake protest

The event attracted the attention of an impressive number of protesters, but as it turned out, the demonstration otherwise the parody will not name. The protest was organized by individuals who called themselves members of the movement “Bankers against bitcoin”. They were seen with placards and banners, but, paradoxically, the group is not actually against the cryptocurrency. Thus they tried to understand the dominance of the blockchain in the future and how it will look.

Amazon Web Service cooperates with ConsenSys

On Tuesday, the 2nd day of the conference, Amazon Web Service has announced that it is beginning to operate with ConsenSys in the project entitled “Kaledio”, which aims at a more rapid launch of corporate blockchains

“We are closely following Ethereum, as many of our customers look, especially for enterprise applications. Working with ConsenSys will allow us to better understand customer needs and help accelerate their committed efforts, ” said Matt Yanchyshyn, technical Director of partner programs, AWS.

Two famous cryptocurrency figures didn’t agree with them

Joe Lubin, Ethereum founder of a startup, ConsenSys and Jimmy song, the investor Blockchain Capital, had an interesting discussion. The dialogue was so brutal that they even had to make a bet on the future of Blockchain technology.

The song did not convince many potential benefits of Blockchain technology that were mentioned at the event, and he compared them with the “magic dust”.

But not everyone was pleased with the event …

Staff Ethereum and CoinDesk

While many experts, investors, and professional representatives of the cryptocurrency community has been optimistic about this event, some found it outrageous. One of them is one of the founders of “Ethereum” Vitalik Buterin.

Buterin was upset that the price of the ticket, announced before the event, saying: “I personally refuse to encourage this level of prices”.

In addition Buterin believes that CoinDesk is trying to “catch a person on the hook.” He pointed out a fun fact — if during the interview casually mention and ask the journalist to include a proviso in the material, it will become a key basis of the article in the end.

Among the disaffected was and defrauded investors. Such as this guy, for example.

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