Higher and higher…the Price of bitcoin exceeded $14 000

Higher and higher…the Price of bitcoin exceeded $14 000

Today bitcoin has topped $14 000, according to CoinMarketCap. In just one day, bitcoin has made gains of $2 500.

It has drawn on a new record. Yesterday, the cryptocurrency was trading at $12000. From the point of view of the perspective, today the bitcoin is worth two times more than in 2013. One bitcoin is now the equivalent of 11 ounces of pure gold.

All about futures

Many experts, such a rise of cryptocurrencies associated with the news of the imminent launch of futures on bitcoin. So, the CBOE will launch futures in the nearest Sunday, December 10, and CME Group – after 18 Dec. Nasdaq has begun to explore the possibilities of introducing financial instruments BTC on the exchange, and in Japan, Tokyo Financial Exchange plans to trade cryptocurrency futures.

According to Bloomberg, the brokerage firm TD Ameritrade and Invest Ally will begin to offer customers futures bitcoin. Despite the sharp criticism of bitcoin from the lips of the General Director of JPMorgan Chase Jamie diamon, us financial holding company is considering providing customers with access to the cryptocurrency futures exchange CME Group.

GDAX, Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange, is the leader in cryptocurrency rally. The price of GDAX currently $500 ahead of the other Western exchanges. This is because Coinbase has attracted many new investors looking to open positions in digital assets, which undoubtedly increases the excitement in the cryptocurrency market.

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