Herat in the Bitcoin network reached a record value

Herat in the Bitcoin network reached a record value

According BitInfoCharts level Hasrat in Bitcoin (BTC) continues to grow.

Continuous growth Hasrat in recent months, says the rising interest on the part of the miners, despite the market correction and the inability of bitcoin to overcome the psychological border at the level of US $ 10,000.

After the price of BTC has reached US $ 20,000 in December of last year, the market began to fall, and in February, BTC fell below $ 6,000. Although the market recovered slightly since then, bitcoin is now trading at only 9144 US dollars. The price remains 50% below its record high reached in December.

Growth Hasrat, which at the moment is 31.315 Peta hashes per second, means that the new miners join the process in spite of market fluctuations. This causes increased competition among miners, and as a result, improve the overall security of the network.

In mid-March, Tom Lee of Fundstrat stated that during the fall market, bitcoin mining will become less profitable and therefore less popular. It is now clear that this statement was not confirmed, as the hash rate continues to grow even in the stagnating market.

On the other hand, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) now can boast of high hasraton. BCH – fork of bitcoin, which its creators should be to replace bitcoin due to the increased size of the unit and as a consequence of lower fees.

In August last year, the level Hasrat in the network of the bitcoin fell by 50%, from 8,000 to 4,000 pathala per second in just four days, it was associated with a higher reward for mining BCH.

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