He built the first monument in the world the Blockchain

He built the first monument in the world the Blockchain

Bitcoin does still does not have its historical “pedigree” — he was not involved in the civil wars, brought no nation of national independence and has not yet made a revolution in the established financial system. However, these facts do not diminish his importance in the eyes of people who recognize its purpose and see in him the future.

To pay tribute to Bitcoin and the Blockchain was decided in the medieval town of Kranj, Slovenia. At the roundabout near the centre of the city installed metal construction, which became the world’s first monument to the Blockchain.

Throughout history, man has felt the need to build monuments, which embody the most important points of civilizations. From religious statues to monumental architectural structures and random abstract creations, the world is dotted with cultural and historically significant monuments.

At the monument the Blockchain has its own web page. Although the monument looks like a sign of Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency is not even mentioned. Positioning the sculpture as “a monument to the Blockchain”. Metal design created by Alexander Franceschini and Salman the Chorovicha, was sponsored by two companies — a developer of mobile apps and cloud solutions 3fs and the cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp.

The authors praise the Blockchain as a source of inexhaustible possibilities for the modernization of all spheres of human activity:

The decentralized nature of the blockchain can be used in health, management, food distribution, culture and other spheres of life. From this point of view, the blockchain technology can be considered as a key and important innovation of the last decade. By creating this monument, Slovenia sent the world a message, focusing on their readiness to enter the digital age, openness to new technologies and hospitality in relation to progressive thinking.

Slovenia considers itself to be strongly oriented crypto. The country is a tax haven for businesses related to cryptocurrency and bloccano, and in this role to attract investment for many years. No wonder investors call Slovenia the “Silicon valley of Europe”.

Did you know that the popular cryptocurrency exchange Bitstamp was launched in Slovenia? Unfortunately registration had to be postponed in the UK because of the lack of access to financial services in Slovenia. This is a huge problem that the government urgently needs to decide if they want to keep their “crypto star”.

This is not the first case where Bitcoin and Blockchain become subjects to create works of art. One of the most important cryptographic works is “the last bitcoin supper”, painted by the French artist Ulam. In the center of the painting depicts a mysterious figure called Satoshi Nakamoto.

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