Having failed with the ETF, the Winklevoss brothers offer retail investors a new product

Having failed with the ETF, the Winklevoss brothers offer retail investors a new product

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss can serve as an example sports. After an epopee with their request to open a bitcoin ETF, rejected by the Commission on securities and exchanges (USA), and lost the appeal, the founders of crypto currency exchange Gemini not left trying to attract the attention and money of retail investors.

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss against the backdrop of universal recession and depression, a record increase the state of their crypto currency exchange, has recently moved to a new office, demonstrate confidence and are filled with a variety of plans. Even an unfortunate misfire in ETFs has forced them to abandon the idea to bring in the cryptocurrency industry unskilled retail investors.

Instead of ETF attention this category of investors proposed mobile application and new cryptocurrency Fund. Application the product is more versatile because it is equipped with options both for the clients of the exchange with experience, and new users, which can help, for example, easily and quickly pass the KYC procedure.

But the new Fund Cryptoverse, users can also access the application is more for beginners. As in many other similar products, we are talking about the Fund with reference to a basket of exchange traded coins. This is Bitcoin, ether, Litecoin, zcash for and recently added Bitcoin to Cash.

Neither the application nor even a special Fund available to its users, are not something revolutionary new — like instruments. But it’s a pretty iconic item to Gemini, still fokusirovka on the development of technology and infrastructure based on institutional investors.

“Development of products based on individual approach to the needs will be largely trend-2019,” — said Tyler Winklevoss.

The brothers emphasize that the decline in the market they are not particularly scary and are confident that their business will survive this crisis.

“For many years we have built a Gemini, and the course did not play a role. Bitcoin was worth $200. Last year it was more of an anomaly, a deviation from the norm,” said Cameron Winklevoss.

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