Have cryptococal new competitors: Baidu launches analogue CryptoKitties

Have cryptococal new competitors: Baidu launches analogue CryptoKitties

China’s largest search engine Baidu in the framework of its work with bloccano launched a new blockchain service such CryptoKitties.

The service received the name “Leci Gou” or “Pet Chain”. The main difference from the original – here the user is prompted to breed and sell puppies. The transaction will be recorded in the blockchain Baidu. It is unclear whether, for these purposes, Baidu public blockchain of any popular cryptocurrency or in-house development.

The website presents a variety of digital puppies, different appearance and price. In addition, each puppy has its own indicator of rarity. Almost like a video game, the puppies are divided into “ordinary”, “rare”, “exceptional”, “epic”, “mythical” and “legendary”. Users with accounts on Baidu can make kleptomanka and get free 1, 000 points in the market that can be used to trade with other owners of virtual dogs.

The new initiative is similar to Baidu CryptoKitties the game running on the Ethereum blockchain. The project already spawned a number of clones, who had hoped to benefit from the popularity of CryptoKitties.

The service was developed an internal blockchain team Baidu, which is also part of the consortium Hyperledger-based Linux Foundation.

As reported by the Chinese edition iFeng.com and Leiphone, the company said that the project is already available to users, however it is still being tested and refined.

It is noteworthy that Leci Gou not the first project Baidu on the blockchain. In January, the company unveiled its own platform “blockchain as a service” (blockchain-as-a-service /BaaS).

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