Hardwork Zcoin on Monday: Tell what you have to do over the weekend

Hardwork Zcoin on Monday: Tell what you have to do over the weekend

Zcoin is a decentralized digital cryptocurrency that is designed to protect the anonymity of the user. On the basis of the coin lies the Zerocoin Protocol, which implies a constant destruction and mintinga Zcoin (XZC). Not to open up helps limited denomination, and the 70-minute lock coins after they are created. 10 December Zcoin will be hardwork. Tell about its main innovations.

In December 2016, the team Zcoin told about the plans to abandon the algorithm Lyra2z. To replace it was the so-called Merkle Tree Proof, which is often referred to by the acronym MTP. The new algorithm will increase decentralization and will reduce the chances of an effective attack 51%. This feature is relevant, the hackers broke into the Vertcoin blockchain.

Hardwork will spend exactly two years later — December 10. The result Zcoin is updated to version and will be the first cryptocurrency with the implementation of the MTP.

Features of preparation for adforce depend on the role of the network participant. Let us examine them separately.

What to do with all

To begin with we recall a General rule that applies to all. Before update be sure to make a full backup of the file wallet.dat and private key. Click on File menu and select the appropriate button. The file is stored in a safe place.

What to do for a normal user

Old client versions will no longer work after upgrading network. Be sure to upgrade to version until December 10 to avoid problems.

Owners mastered

In the case of ignoring the update to version owners Znode will cease to receive a reward after hard forks. Next you need to do the following:

  • read the rules upgrade Znode;
  • run command of the start tab Znode inside the purse for masternode Protocol 90024. If you do it soon after the payment, the actions will not affect the reward system. If you do not complete this item to hard forks, the network may disable node;
  • make sure there is a lot of memory. Every proof in the MTP takes about 200 kilobytes. This means that in a year the hard drive of the owner of masternode supplemented by 21 gigabytes.


Mine will turn on ccminer from the team Zcoin, download the link. In the near future the developers will also share CPU-miner.


Nothing complicated here — management needs to be updated to version until December 10.

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