Hardwork MoneroV postponed to 30 April

Hardwork MoneroV postponed to 30 April

Due to the large demand from users and trading platforms, the team MoneroV decided that the date of the snapshot network will be deferred until the unit 1564965, which should be open around April 30.

Many users find it hard to keep XMR locally using Monero GUI due to the large size of this blockchain. Postponement date, the fork will help a greater number of users to properly prepare for the fork, then to get your XMV. In addition, mining pools also needed more time to prepare. Finally, exchanges also require more time to implement new technology that will allow you to charge XMV owners XMR.

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Overall, despite the fact that the code project is ready for release, the team decided that it is better to postpone the date to fork.

Source code, including GUI and MonoV MoneroV daemon will be published on Github soon.

According to the developers, this new coin solves the scaling problem and other problems of the Monero blockchain.

At the same time, Bittrex is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, has announced that it will not support this fork. This became known after the publication of the corresponding statement in the company blog.

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