Hardwork in the blockchain Bitcoin Cash held on may 15

Hardwork in the blockchain Bitcoin Cash held on may 15

May 15, 2018 Bitcoin Cash plans to update the protocols of the consensus network. The community of developers of Bitcoin Cash regularly enters periodic updates, to develop the network.

Representatives of the Bitcoin Cash in the blog tried to answer the most important questions about the upcoming event

Ready new software?

Yes. Bitcoin ABC version 0.17.0 is already available and contains the code for the upgrade and transition to a new policy consensus at the scheduled activation time.

What you need to do?

If you are using a node Bitcoin Cash, you should immediately upgrade to Bitcoin ABC 0.17.0 or other compatible software.

What communication efforts to ensure that all users know about the update?

Bitcoin ABC will take steps to contact the major exchanges and wallet providers. Any help is appreciated. You can contribute to the dissemination of news, independently contacting the exchanges, providers and other ecosystem participants, and to inform them of the need to update their software or run an updated version of the Bitcoin ABC.

What changes introduced in the new version of the software?

The most significant change is the increase in the maximum block size to 32 MB. Will also be added or re-enabled operation codes (op codes), including OP_CAT, OP_AND, OP_OR, OP_XOR, OP_DIV, OP_MOD, OP_SPLIT, OP_SUBSTR, OP_NUM2BIN and OP_BIN2NUM. However, adding code OP_Group, causing some controversy in the community, will not be produced in the process may the upgrade, it has been rescheduled for November. Instead, you will add code OP_Return with increased data size to 220 bytes.

Bitcoin Unlimited and XT update their software?

We can’t speak for other projects, but they told us that Yes

When it becomes known the exact time of the updates?

It is assumed that the Protocol of the consensus network will be updated, when the average timestamp of the last 11 blocks will be not less 1526400000. Specific activation time depends on the location of the block.

What testing is conducted by developer community? What testing tools are available?

Bitcoin ABC is currently testing the new rules and activate them. Soon will be available test version.

Hardwork is planned in two phases: in may and November 2018, according to the website developers. The second update of the Protocol will happen on November 15 at block 1542300000.

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