Happy Bitcoin Pizza Day, friends! Let us remember how it was

Happy Bitcoin Pizza Day, friends! Let us remember how it was

If you plunged into cryptocurrencies long enough, you probably knowledgeable about one of the most bizarre events in the history of Bitcoin, which occurred on may 22, 2010. If You are a beginner, then sit back and we’ll tell You what happened that day and why the date of may 22 was a real treat in the cryptocurrency community.

Today we celebrate the day of Bitcoin pizza, a holiday that combines one of the most powerful global financial movements 2017-2018 with the most symbolic and famous food in recent years.

The story dates back to 22 may 2010, when programmer Laszlo Heinitz made its first commercial Bitcoin transaction, paying for two Papa John’s pizza with 10 000 BTC (about $ 25).

No one celebration of the Bitcoin pizza is not complete without a calculation of how much in dollar terms, are these two pizzas today. In honor of the holiday CoinDesk has released a new widget that calculates in real-time.

In last year’s interview with the New York Times Laszlo said

“The idea to buy a pizza with bitcoin struck me as incredibly cool. No one knew then that this was gonna happen”

Of course, Heinitz rights. Satoshi Nakamoto himself was not sure about the future of Bitcoin, although it was believed that his brainchild of two ways — either to escalate into something global, or sink into oblivion.

Now you can buy bitcoins for anything, although to download the required applications can be time-consuming as to confirm the transaction. You can even buy pizzas that are not for 10,000 BTC.

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