HalongMining presented the most efficient bitcoin miner DragonMint 16T

HalongMining presented the most efficient bitcoin miner DragonMint 16T

The news that a little-known Halong Mining company intends to mass produce the mining equipment DragonMint 16T in 2018, spread through all the news outlets, social media and online forums. The creators claim that the bitcoin miner will be more powerful and consume less energy than existing models on the market of ASIC.

DragonMint 16T 30% more efficient than the existing models ASIC

In 2017 there were many talks about new technologies for mining cryptocurrency and powerful chips than the standard 16-nm, but that was it. 16-nanometer semiconductor chips are used for Bitmain Antminer S9 Avalon Miner 741, which still remains one of the most efficient machines on the market. The Japanese company GMO Internet plans in near future to produce 7-nm semiconductor chips for the production of bitcoins.

New DragonMint 16T from Halong Mining is now considered to be the most efficient miner in the world, as evidenced by the information on the website of the manufacturer.

The development team says that DragonMint running at 16 TH/s at 30% fan speed that energoeffektivnee 30% than S9 Antminer. A key component of the new product become ASIC chips of the new generation DM8575 ASIC, which offer incredible 85GH Hasrat and have the efficiency to about of 0.075 J/GH, which is much cheaper than Bitmain Antigener S9 0,098 J/GH. Dual fans allow asik to operate at an ambient temperature of 25°C.

The company said:

“Miner DragonMint is only the first step towards a long-term strategy, which was launched in December 2016 and aims to provide much-needed competition and innovation in the field of bitcoin mining. The driving force of the project was the desire to achieve greater decentralization in the field of mining at all levels and to make sha256 great again”.

It is known that the project is managed by the developer of bitcoin under psevdonimom Btcdrak. More than 100 world-class experts, including software developers, designers of chips and specialists in hardware, was involved in the project.

Reviews about DragonMint 16T

The news of the beginning of sales DragonMint 16T met with varied reactions among users.

Most experts in one voice say that this is pure fraud and Scam project, and also that the site is fake and does not provide detailed information about the company and behind it the faces.

Moreover, some have noted the similarity DragonMint 16T with T9 Antminer from Bitmain.

However, there are some positive reviews. So, CEO of Blockstream’s Adam Back confirmed the veracity of the information DragonMint 16T and stated that he personally saw the miner in the work and that the company is real and consistent with the stated specifications.

He wrote on Twitter:

“This is the biggest news for bitcoin this year”.

It was also given a video demonstrating a new product.

Sale miners DragonMint 16T will start from March 2018

In research, prototyping and coding, we invested around $30 million, and now Halong Mining is now accepting pre-orders with the supply of miners to customers in March 2018.

While the device DragonMint 16T is offered at $1595, but the price for a party of 5 pieces of equipment. Additionally, for $115 you can purchase a power supply DragonMint 1600W PSU.

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