Hackers told how much hacking cryptocurrency ATM

Hackers told how much hacking cryptocurrency ATM

Trend Micro, company of Tokyo, dealing with software, found on the Darknet available for purchase malware created to hacking cryptomate.

His finding Trend Micro announced on the official company blog:

“For $ 25,000 you can purchase the software for reprogramming the EMV chip that is installed on each credit card. Using hacked maps, you can hack the terminals and to withdraw an amount in dollars, euros or pounds, equivalent to $6 750”

Initially the EMV-chip was developed leading providers of credit cards to store data on integrated circuits, but not on magnetic strips, while NFC allows two electronic devices to perform wireless information exchange.

According to Trend Micro, the seller has received more than 100 online orders for buying the malware aimed at the vulnerability of cryptomate and other products.

The seller also offers malware for ATMs, which has been updated up to the standards of EMV. Further investigation reportedly revealed that the malware exploits a vulnerability menu and disables ATM from the network, so that is not filed alarms. In conclusion, Trend Micro suggested:

“While in cryptocurrency spinning money and a lot of money, cybercriminals will continue to develop tools and expand into new profitable markets. The growth in the number of bitcoin ATMs, we should expect the emergence of new malicious programs in the future to break them”

In may it was estimated that the worldwide installed about 3 thousand cryptomate. Most of them are in new York, Chicago, Australia, France and Malta. To date, the number of bitcoin ATMs has increased by 500 pieces — now they are 3503.

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