Hackers stole from the wallets of users IOTA $4 million with the help of malicious generator seed phrases

Hackers stole from the wallets of users IOTA $4 million with the help of malicious generator seed phrases

The IOTA community is in a dramatic situation – the wallets of many users were exposed to malicious web sites. About $4 million in bitcoin was stolen from the wallets of holders IOTA. They have all used the site to generate secret phrases (seed).

Online-generator seed-phrase for wallets IOTA is the websites that give users a quick solution when you create a new secret phrase to restore access to your wallet.

When you create a new wallet IOTA users must enter the secret phrase of the 81 character. According to the website HelloIOTA, there are several ways to simplify the user’s life. These include seed-generator-based IPFS and tools to create keys using Mac and Linux terminals. However, all these methods require the user to have certain knowledge, which has prompted many to use the online generator iotaseed.io.

At the time of publication the most popular online generator seed phrases for wallets IOTA stopped servicing users. This is evidenced by the message “Closed. I’m sorry.” Previously to generate on the website asked the user to move the mouse on the screen, then the site generates data for recovery, meet the requirements of the wallet the IOTA. Also provide the version of the sid encoded in the form of a mnemonic phrase.

Community member Network IOTA Evangelist Ralph Rottman in his blog reported that the hackers have carried out DDoS-attack on certain nodes IOTA, with the result that users are unable to recover their funds.

Rottman explained:

“Hackers have been known to abort. Users are invited into their wallets, filing keys on a silver platter. Community operators full gcd discusses various strategies for better protection of the community sites from such DDoS attacks in the future.”

The IOTA community know about online generators, seeds and rasprostraneno information about them, encouraging the user to change the code phrases to prevent theft of funds. Users also repeatedly pointed to the fact that the vulnerability has nothing to do with the technology of IOTA and caused solely by use of malicious sites to generate seeds.

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