Hackers paralyzed the work of a large hospital and demand a ransom in bitcoins

Hackers paralyzed the work of a large hospital and demand a ransom in bitcoins

Well-known hospital in the richest city of India Mumbai was the victim of a hacker attack with extortion. The attackers behind the malware have coded hospital data and demand ransom in Bitcoins.

Representatives of the hospital Mahatma Gandhi (MGM) in Mumbai confirmed that July 15, computers, medical institutions have been infected with an unknown virus, which completely deprived the staff of the control patients. The administrator of the computer system MGM Amit Vaval came across an email from intruders, which read:

“All your files are encrypted due to security issues in your database. If you want to regain access to your data, please send an email to the specified address. You also have to pay for a transcript of a certain sum in bitcoins. The price of decryption depends on how quickly You contact us. After receiving payment, we will send You tools that will help you to decipher all the files of the hospital”

Criminals have also provided instructions on how to buy and send Bitcoin to the aftermath of the attack. At the moment there is no information about how many bitcoins require hackers.

Guide MGM said that they “don’t even think about how to transfer extortion money.” The administrators filed a formal complaint with the local police, who tries to figure out the IP address of the attackers.

Recognizing the attack, the administrator MGM P. K. Shashanka said that the hospital is trying to do everything possible to keep conducting business as usual:

“We faced difficulties on Sunday evening and Monday, but now we have resumed control. Patients were not injured. We will contact the police and experts to solve this problem. We still have problems with the system extracts and billing, but in the end they will be solved”

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