Hackers namimili Siacoin for $800,000, using computers in Internet cafes

Hackers namimili Siacoin for $800,000, using computers in Internet cafes

The hacker group colluded with the companies of maintenance of computers in China, aiming to hack into computers owned by Internet cafés and use them for mining cryptocurrency.

On Saturday, the city police Ruian in Zhejiang province have arrested 16 suspects who allegedly “earned” 5 million yuan (800,000 U.S. dollars), broke down more than 100,000 computers in Internet cafes in 30 Chinese cities.

The report said that the hackers initially developed a large number of malicious programs that use the damaged device for mining cryptocurrency Siacoin, and then sold it to companies for maintenance of computers, which helped the malware to the computers in the Internet café during regular inspections. Then the miners shared with the partners profit from the sale of coins Siacoin.

The problem arose in July 2017, when Internet cafes in Ruian began to notice that their computers have become very slow since the frequency of the CPU is often accounted for 70 percent even after a reboot.

It is noteworthy that at the same time, the price Siacoin jumped by 400 percent from $ 0.002 in may to more than $ 0.01.

Meanwhile, the public account of victims of Internet cafes also increased significantly during this period, the report said. Subsequently, the owners reported this to local police.

Since most Internet cafes in Ruane used the same computer company for technical service (the name of which is not specified in the report), in August police arrested the chief Executive officer of the company, who later told about the connection with hackers.

The investigation is ongoing. Investigators believe that the malware has spread throughout the country and fraud were involved more than 100 companies for maintenance of computers.

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