Hackers mainile cryptocurrency cloud servers Tesla

Hackers mainile cryptocurrency cloud servers Tesla

Company in the field of cybersecurity RedLock has published the data about hacking of the cloud service Amazon Web Service (AWS), the user of which was the company Tesla.

Hackers gained access to an account on AWS Tesla, entering into the container Kubernetes, is not password protected. Hackers then used the Kubernetes container for mining of cryptocurrency for an unknown time.

Team RedLock CSI showed a similar option hacking AWS for mining bitcoin (BTC) in October last year, following the example of companies Aviva and Gemalta. These companies, as well as Tesla left access the admin console without a password.

Hacking Tesla was well disguised: hackers not used the already known mining pool, but instead used his own software to use pools, and thus not tied to the mining script in the script with any “finite” point, which complicated the ability to detect this suspicious activity.

In addition, they are not heavily exploited the computing power and hid pool IP address with CloudFlare.

The products of the company Tesla has used for the mining of cryptocurrencies in the past year. One of the owners of Tesla S electric car said that he mainil bitcoin with your car.

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