Hackers have changed the official Gold Bitcoin wallet on GitHub

Hackers have changed the official Gold Bitcoin wallet on GitHub

Users Bitcoin Gold (BTG) are faced with another problem of security.

Team BTG found that someone had gained access to the project repository on Github and replaced the compiled file client for Windows.

According to the message sent by the BTG team, the link to the download page and the file is on the Github page for about 4 and a half days instead of the official contained a purse an unknown file.

Representatives of BTG made the following statement:

As long as we do not exactly define, what the file is, you should treat it as a malware that aims to steal assets or sensitive information. Anti-virus software does not react to this Fi, but that doesn’t mean it is safe.

Team BTG also added that:

If the file was used, the computer on which it was situated, should be used with caution; the file needs to be removed, the machine should be thoroughly checked for malware and viruses, and any cryptocurrency that was stored on this computer, should be immediately moved to a new address.

The threat has passed?

While bitcoin (BTC) continues to rise in price, and the cash of bitcoin has remained relatively stable, BTG fell by about 8.5%. News about the substitution of the wallet on GitHub is exacerbated by the fact that just a few days ago because of a vulnerability in another BTG wallet cyber criminals managed to steal $ 3.3 million.

Team BTG stated that they have taken all security measures to avoid such incidents in the future.

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