Hackers demand that the canadian banks of $ 1 million per Ripple (XRP)

Hackers demand that the canadian banks of $ 1 million per Ripple (XRP)

Taking possession of personal information about 100,000 customers of two canadian banks, the hackers demanded a ransom of $ 1 million in Ripple (XRP), otherwise they will reveal vital information to the world.

Bank of Montreal online banking Simplii Financial (owned by CIBC) announced that hackers stole the identity of at least 90 000 account holders in the two banks over the weekend.

Cyber criminals have stated that they stole information such as names, account numbers, passwords, security questions and answers, as well as social security numbers and account balances.

The letter sent from Russia in two banks on Monday evening, reads as follows:

“We have warned the Bank of Montreal and Simplii that will publish information of their customers if they won’t cooperate”.

The hackers said that they got partial access to the database of the two banks, using a common mathematical algorithm that was developed for rapid authentication moderately short numeric sequences such as credit card numbers and social security numbers.

The algorithm used for theft offer accounts that subsequently give hackers access as beneficial owners, who allegedly forgot your password. Which subsequently allows them to answer security questions, and thus to the account.

As stated in the email from hackers, if both banks want to return the data of their customers, they have to pay the cybercriminals $ 1 million. USA in Ripple (XRP), otherwise the information will be made public.

“Data on 90 000 people will be live in the hacker community, if we do not receive payment by 23:59 28 may 2018 “

Let’s hope hackers will continue to strictly adhere to the announced deadline, while both the Bank do not pay the fraudsters and try to protect the information of its customers.

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