Hackers Dark Overlord has released the second package of documents on 9/11 and received a ban on Steemit

Hackers Dark Overlord has released the second package of documents on 9/11 and received a ban on Steemit

Yesterday the hacker group The Dark Overlord (TDO) has posted the next part of secret documents containing information on the tragedy of September 11, 2001. Immediately after this account TDO on the blockchain decentralized social platform Steemit, where there is a link to the encrypted archive have been blocked. However Steemit is not the only path to being in the blockchain file.

OTD announced that the stolen materials will be published in five parts — in that case, if they get 2 million dollars in bitcoins from the online community. However, hackers are also willing to accept compensation from the US government or legal entities to remove any information or names appearing in the documents. As proof of their intentions OTD has opened access to the archive with the name “Preview”, containing official letters, e-mails and documents that mention law firms, the transportation security administration and Federal aviation administration related to the tragic events of 9/11.

The encryption key to extract the first secret dump 10GB appeared on the network of the 1st of January. The next day, the TDO accounts on Twitter and Reddit was blocked in order to deny hackers the opportunity to blackmail and further participants of the process of 9/11.

On 9 January a group of hackers cracked the encryption key from a file called “Layer 2”. Immediately after this social blockchain network Steemit blocked account Dark Overlord, drawing the attention and anger of the community, violating the principle of immutability of the blockchain and the protection of freedom of speech.

Publication “Layer 2” was made possible after hackers obtaining the required amount, in the amount of $12,000 in bitcoins. As a result of blocking of the page TDO in Steemit many community members reacted angrily to the incident, accusing the platform of censorship.

“Steemit has positioned itself as a decentralized network… but it is, apparently, a lie. It took them quite some time to ban Dark Overlord”.

However, many noted that Steemit and Steem are two different things. Steemit is only a mechanism to view the blockchain Steem. The blockchain remains unchanged, and, as it turned out, there are several alternative options for viewing content online.

“To access the remote Steemit of posts you can use other apps running on the blockchain Steem. For Example, PartikoTeam”.

Some users note that the any platform has the right to restrict access to users who publicly blackmail and extort money from people.

It is obvious that the main motivation Dark Overlord is money, not politics, so maybe their actions must be seen in this light.

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