Hacked Twitter account Vertcoin

Hacked Twitter account Vertcoin

Official Vertcoin account on Twitter was hacked. The attackers tried to use the hacked account to receive bitcoins from subscribers Vertcoin.

May 1 on Twitter Vertcoin has a record that Vertcoin to celebrate your success will give 10 BTC to one of his followers and for this you just need to send 0.005 BTC to the specified address address:

Almost immediately after that, James Lovejoy, a leading developer of Vertcoin, warned its followers on Twitter that the account Vertcoin has been compromised and added that all the promises about the distribution of BTC is a fraud.

Unfortunately, it is often found on Twitter lately. Crooks, on behalf of the renowned cryptocurrency in the world of people offer to send them a certain amount of the cryptocurrency that in response to more funds. Often such posts are accompanied by comments of dozens of people who “successfully” received the promise of the cryptocurrency. In this case, the fraudsters managed to get access to the official account of the project.

In April, scammers have turned this Twitter Pavel Durov, and in January the attack on Charlie Lee, Creator of Litecoin.

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