Hacked another cryptocurrency project. Hackers stole 62 million dollars

Hacked another cryptocurrency project. Hackers stole 62 million dollars

Hackers broke into the mining marketplace NiceHash and stole 62 million dollars in the cryptocurrency.

In the official profile in social networks, representatives of NiceHash stated that a vulnerability was discovered in the security system that led to the loss of funds. NiceHash was created in 2014 and it operates as a market platform for trading hasraton.

The announcement followed after a one hour break in the work market and the many messages from users about what their wallets, associated with NiceHash, empty. NiceHash earlier said that the website being temporarily unavailable due to technical works.

The company said:

Our payment system was hacked, and the contents of bitcoin wallet NiceHash was stolen. We are working to establish the exact number of stolen bitcoins. Obviously this is a matter of deep concern, and we work hard to resolve this issue in the coming days. In addition to conducting our own investigation, information about the incident was brought to the attention of the relevant authorities, and we are with them in an honest partnership.

Although the project team did not disclose the exact amount, analysis of the wallet’s address, which surfaced thanks to the users NiceHash, says that was stolen as much as 4 736,42 BTC – amount cost of which exceeds 62 million US dollars at current prices.

NiceHash team urged users to urgently change their passwords in the system.

At the moment we do not have complete information about what happened, but we recommend all users change passwords.

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