Group chats on the blockchain from Cisco

Group chats on the blockchain from Cisco

Cisco sees the blockchain technology as a way to more secure exchange of confidential group communications.

In a patent application published recently by the Office for patents and trademarks (USPTO), the company described how the blockchain can enable people to spontaneously create groups (chats) and to exchange files and other information available only to members of the chat.

This will solve the “common problems” many of the chats according to Cisco:

as group membership is established, is transmitted, is updated and protected from unauthorized interference … in the context of dynamic, decentralized and self-organizing groups.

In the document, which was submitted in December 2017, it is proposed to use the cryptographic keys that are shared by members of a group to create a peer-to-peer network – in other words, the creation of a decentralized group chat with only those members who can (and authorised) to join him.

Device the first participant creates the Genesis block and all subsequent blocks are created by all participants as the exchange of messages.

The first unit “defines the initial set of group members”.

In this version of the blockchain will be used to record members of the group. Subsequent blocks will be mainly to register adding new members and removing old members.

Other versions of the system can enable secure file sharing or instant messaging:

In short – this method of authorization in a confidential group communications in terms of an ordered list of data blocks representing a chronological account… There are many applications of these methods. One of them is end-to-end encryption of instant messages, sharing content and streaming media. This can be useful when developing a Protocol or application is designed to provide a confidential group communication.

In a previous patent application published by the USPTO, Cisco described the use of the blockchain for tracking devices in the Internet of things.

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