Google Trends: interest in Bitcoin and Ethereum has fallen by 75%

Google Trends: interest in Bitcoin and Ethereum has fallen by 75%

The number of search queries in Google contain the terms Bitcoin and Ethereum fell by 75%.

The number of search queries with Bitcoin began to fall in December and now is at the level of October-November.

Interestingly, countries in which most are interested in Bitcoin are also changed. Previously, it was mainly African emerging economy, but now it is mostly developed economies:

The story of Ethereum is very similar. Although the currency managed to recover in January after falling in December, after that, the level of interest has declined and is now at the level of November.

Graph of the number of queries containing Ethereum coincides, almost to the point with the schedule of prices to this cryptocurrency, showing a clear correlation.

However, it is safe to say that is the cause and what is effect in this case is impossible.

For both cryptocurrencies there is a correlation between the interest in search engines and price fluctuations: the higher the price, the higher the interest.

In addition to reducing the level of interest and falling prices also declined and the number of transactions in both networks. In the bitcoin network number of transactions fell to 150,000 (the level of two years ago), and in Ethereum, the number of transactions is 730.000 (December).

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