Google touted the malicious bitcoin wallet on YouTube

Google touted the malicious bitcoin wallet on YouTube

YouTube, owned by Google, inadvertently advertise a fake version of the Bitcoin wallet Electrum. The user of the website Reddit noticed that the malicious ads were disguised as real is Electrum.

“Advertising even offers you click on the correct link ( in the video, but when you click on it, it immediately begins to download the malicious. exe file”.

Malware is redirecting unsuspecting users to, while the real address of this wallet is

This is a popular form of fraud in which the present domain name of a company or a product slightly changed to confuse users and redirecting them to a fake web site which downloads the malware to the gray mining.

It is unknown how many users YouTube has already infected your machine.

This is not the first case when fraudsters use Electrum, this web site is

In April last year, the fraudster bought a similar domain name and used it to simulate the services of the company. In the end, Electrum confirmed on Twitter that he has no address and explained that it is a Scam to steal your cryptocurrency.

And in may, fake Electrum Pro shut down your website, while accusing a company Electrum is that it supposedly ruined their reputation.

Scammers will continue to appear, but we need to remain vigilant in the network.

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