Google has released a new plugin for the analysis of blockchain Ethereum

Google has released a new plugin for the analysis of blockchain Ethereum

In respect of Blockchain technology Google back does not graze. A few months after launch, the bitcoin database support BigQuery, Google debuted with the new plugin for the analysis of the Ethereum blockchain.

Google has provided users with a new opportunity to interact directly with data in Ethereum blockchain. Already there are services that via the API tools provide access to some information, for example, to the status of the transaction or the balance on the purse, but full of information about the data stored on the blockchain, using them to was difficult.

Now, using the new plugin, the usual Chrome users can read all data stored in the Ethereum blockchain. Take, for example, this chart. BigQuery can show us graphics of all the transactions including their price.

Charts like this are most useful for making business decisions and even to design the architecture of Ethereum.

Google has also developed a new interface for the visualization of smart contracts. The company used a popular app CryptoKitties Ethereum as an example of how BigQuery can create interesting maps traffic Ethereum.

It literally looks like a review pedigree cryptonomicon. Other examples of the use of a new tool is not so easy.

BigQuery can also provide us with transparent related activity tokens. Below, the graph shows data about transactions OmiseGO (OMG) standard ERC-20.

A large burst of activity, indicated in blue, corresponds to a recent airdrop, during which many tokens OMG was divided into many wallets. It can be concluded that many users kept the tokens received, at least for this week.

With the new tool from Google will give users the opportunity to visualize smart contracts or to compare their functionality.

Ethereum data obtained BigQuery, updated daily, the system can also connect to a running on a PC client Parity. To fully use its functionality, working knowledge of database programming is definitely useful, since all the queries are created using SQL.

Google is also ready to release some other related bloccano, tools. Recently, the company began to search for specialists who will find an easy way to create smart contracts and the deployment of decentralized applications.

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