Google demanded Samourai Wallet to abandon the corporate functions of the purse

Google demanded Samourai Wallet to abandon the corporate functions of the purse

In view of the threat of exclusion from Google Playmarket team Samourai Wallet reported that forced to abandon some of the functions of his wallet, sushestvovala 2015. We are talking about protection from SIM-based swap, “stealth mode” and remote SMS commands.

Version update Samourai Wallet 0.99.04 appeared in the app store Google Playmarket in abbreviated form. As reported by the project team, the new app is not the function of Stealth Mode, SIM Switch Defense and SMS Remote Commands, and it is due primarily to requirements Google.

The project was forced to abandon the features that existed since the creation of the wallet in 2015, under the threat of removal of his app from the store.

“All three functions… defined our product as a unique offering in the background a typical approach copy+paste, and ensure the protection and safety of the users. No other purse still did not have these features, and most likely, they will not have due to Google and its policies,” said the company in a blog post.

Samourai Wallet claims that he had asked Google to leave these functions in exception a few months ago, but just recently got rejected.

“We have provided evidence that the function of SIM Switch Defence repeatedly warned users about trying the SIM swap, it said. — We are very proud that our little technology many times enabled to protect users from the attacks of the SIM Saperov, due to the fact that the system of protection of mobile phone providers, are rife with holes”.

“Stealth mode” allows (or allowed) users to carry out transactions in Bitcoins using smartphone imperceptibly thanks to a specially developed interface. Function remote SMS commands allows to remove the bitcoin wallet if the user for some reason lost control of the smartphone with the installed application, for example, as a result of theft or loss of your device.

Users are advised to disable the “stealth mode” before installing the updated version of the application. However, the company promises that in the coming months will be able to provide customers with the ability to download the full version updates from your site, as well as in the app store F-Droid.

Samourai Wallet also hopes that he will manage to convince Google in the future, and encourages the community to support this initiative.

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