Google banned mining applications in the Play Store

Google banned mining applications in the Play Store

Google has followed Apple’s example and banned application for mining in your mobile app store.

We don’t allow apps that deal with mining of cryptocurrencies. But applications that remotely manage mining, are still permitted.

The last time both tech giants like Google and Apple started to accept strict measures in relation to mining applications in their ecosystems.

In April, Google banned in your online store Chrome all mining applications, after it was discovered that “the vast majority” of producers such applications do not adhere to the policy of “common purpose”.

And last month Apple updated its policy in regard to mobile apps, and banned everything that can be used for mining on mobile devices.

It is obvious that in this way companies are trying to respond to the growing popularity of cryptogamia among cybercriminals.

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“Kaspersky lab” last month stated that the number of reported incidents of cryptogamia increased over the past year to 44.5%.

In the report, another company specializing in security, Skybox Security, says that cryptogenic surpassed in popularity all other types of cybercrime.

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