Google banned browser extension for mining

Google banned browser extension for mining

Google banned all browser extension for mining the Chrome store.

Google also said that in July they will begin to remove the existing browser extensions, which are used for mining. Other extensions related to the blockchain while still allowed.

Previously, Google allowed Chrome extension, which were intended for mining, and explicitly informed the user about its purpose.

Analysis of forum messages The Chromium Projects in which to communicate the Chrome developers shows that developers were concerned about mining extensions since the autumn of last year.

According to Wired, Google has decided to introduce a ban on Monday, as most of the extensions submitted to the Chrome web store, is not consistent with the policy of the sole use. James Wagner, product Manager at Google, commented on the event:

The key to a healthy ecosystem of extensions is is the openness and flexibility of the platform. This allows our developers to create innovative extensions for users of the Chrome browser.

That’s why we decided to postpone the ban on the extension for mining, until it is clear that the vast majority of such extensions are presented for review did not comply with our policy of a common goal or contain something else, than not make known users.

Recall that about a month ago, Google announced its plans to ban advertising on their platforms associated with cryptocurrencies.

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