Google Adwords started to block ads cryptocurrency projects?

Google Adwords started to block ads cryptocurrency projects?

As the Financial Magnates, the last time there was complaints from advertisers using Google Adwords to promote cryptocurrency projects, reducing the number of views their ads, and some users even claim that all their ads have been disabled along with a account in Google Adwords.

According to one of the companies involved in the promotion ICO projects, a significant portion of its ads fell into the category of limited ads. This means that they will not be shown to certain age groups, regions and also will not be shown on certain devices. As a result, the number of impressions these ads are reduced significantly, which you can see in the screenshot provided by this company:

A cursory search under “problems with the Google Adwords accounts” shows that it is not the only case. Some users even claim to have been blocked their accounts .

For example, a user under the name anas b says her account that is registered to a company engaged in the field of blockchain technology was fully blocked:

I have completely reviewed our web site and I couldn’t find the reason why Google has decided that we are violating the terms of use. Our business is “working with blockchain technology” and we provide services in the UAE. Please tell me that we have to do to get Google unblocked our account.

Any answers from representatives of Google could not find, however, one user believes that such accounts may be blocked because of the “very high risk borne by investments in the cryptocurrency.

We will remind that in January of this year Facebook officially banned advertising associated with cryptocurrencies, citing the fact that too many projects in this area introduce users to the confusion by promising big profits.

According to some sources, Google is also considering a total ban on advertising cryptocurrency projects on their platforms.

At the moment, however, in a letter addressed in response to request Financial Magnates, the representatives of Google Adwords deny that the advertising policy related to financial services there have been changes, which could serve as a basis for ad blocking cryptocurrency projects.

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