Good news for Litecoin: +1 processor of payments and cryptocurrency exchange

Good news for Litecoin: +1 processor of payments and cryptocurrency exchange

Litecoin failed to avoid the General trend and in recent times the price of this crypto-currency also fell, reaching minimum values at 165 US dollars.

However, unlike many other cryptocurrencies, Litecoin continues to develop partnerships.

Today it became known that another company that provides payment processing services on an international level – Aliant Payment Systems Inc. added support for bitcoin and Ethereum, and adding support for Litecoin is at the final stage.

CEO of Aliant Payments confirmed that Litecoin is in the final testing phase and will soon be available for all merchantos network Aliant. Users Aliant will be able to accept payments in Litecoin that will be processed through the POS terminals Aliant.

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Recall that just two weeks ago, BTCPay Server – the processor of payments, which previously supported exclusively by bitcoin announced support for Litecoin. And next month is set to launch “LitePay” the payments processor from the Litecoin Foundation. And it’s a great start to the year for Litecoin.

But this good news for the cryptocurrency does not end there. Brazilian cryptocurrency exchange, Bitcoin Trade has announced that will soon add Litecoin on its platform. Bitcoin Trade currently only works with BTC, but plans to add Litecoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash. Despite the small volumes, the exchange enhances the effect of Litecoin on the Brazilian market.

Charlie, If, despite all the criticism that was heaped upon him in recent times, continues to operate in accordance with its plan, announced late last year.

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