GMO is preparing to sell 7-nanometer chips for mining

GMO is preparing to sell 7-nanometer chips for mining

Japanese Internet giant GMO has updated its plans for the production and sale of 7-nanometer chip is designed for mining cryptocurrency. Interested customers will soon be able to reserve some of these chips.

Last week the conglomerate, GMO Internet Group published its results for the first quarter of the fiscal year. During this presentation, the company outlined its plans to sell the long-awaited 7-nanometer chips for mining bitcoins.

For sale prepare two versions of the chip, named V1 and V2. The first is the prototype of the chip. V2 is designed for mass production, mining-chips, which the company plans to use for corporate mining cryptocurrencies, consumers and cloud mining..

V2 is now being developed and will enter a phase of mass production in the fourth quarter of this year.

As for the sale of 7-nm mining chips, a company spokesman said:

Acceptance of bids starts in the second quarter of the year, and the release is planned for the fourth. The exact launch date is not specified. In addition, the company said cloud mining will start in June.

GMO started to mine cryptocurrency on 20 December 2017. Hasrat grows as planned. The number of mined bitcoins increases, as expected. In April, the figure was 241 PH/s, while in March it was equal to 129 PH/s. January result — 27 PH/s. The company will continue to increase the number of ASIC miners.

In addition to the mining-business, GMO also manages the cryptocurrency exchange called Coin GMO, which is approved by the FSA.

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