GMO has released a new generation of Asimov for mining Bitcoin

GMO has released a new generation of Asimov for mining Bitcoin

Japanese Internet giant GMO has released a new, upgraded model of equipment for mining based on 7-nanometer chips. The previous model was completely sold out. The new model achieves more Hasrat and has “optimisation of consumption”. Sold at the same price as the previous model.

GMO Internet Group announced on Monday the launch of a new model of asik-miner B3. Like its predecessor, GMO B2, the new model is equipped with a chip GMO72b that supports mining of Bitcoin and Bitcoin to Cash. Hasrat, a new generation of Usikov increased by almost a third and is 33 TH/s.

The main characteristics of GMO B3 are high, Hasrat and optimization of mining depending on the energy consumption and total network.

GMO B3 consumes 1950 watts of power, with the power of asik for one unit of TH/s account for 81 watts. At maximum load the figure may reach 103 watts per unit of TH/s, says GMO.

As previously explained, the manufacturer, the price miners are set each month. Price asika GMO B2 is 1 999 USD. Model B3 will be sold at the same price as the model B2:

“Sales price in July is 1,999 dollar shipments are expected in November”, — said the representatives of the GMO, adding that “updates B2 to the B3 level of performance for free, if required.”

Accepted currencies — BTC, BCH and US dollars. In addition, all asik given a 180-day warranty. The shipping cost is not included in the price.

During the announcement of its new product GMO also stated that the new generation of equipment will support the optimization mode power consumption depending on network conditions cryptocurrency:

“During the sales B2 some of our customers requested the option to automatically optimize Hasrat and consumption. We have accelerated the development of this project and implemented it in our new generation B3.”

This new function has two modes: automatic mode and manual mode. First he’s cheating, Hasrat depending on the complexity of mining crypto currencies and the cost of electricity. B3 also supports automatic software updates and online status monitoring.

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