GitHub: Bitcoin Cash — is a “Ghost town”

GitHub: Bitcoin Cash — is a “Ghost town”

Bitcoin Cash continues to be serious criticism because of the “stress test” group of coders bitPico revealed “fake decentralization”.

Data collected from repositories on GitHub Biokino (BTC) and Cash (BCH), in recent weeks led to the discovery of users a series of sharp contrasts in the performance of networks.

Uploaded to Twitter July 15 statistics of Bitcoin demonstrates the active efforts of the developers, can not be said about the calm on the chart BCash.

As noted by another Twitter user, in blocks BCash there is a very low volume of transactions: during the weekend, one of the blocks contained only 5 kilobytes of data. Ironically, Bitcoin went on a 2 megabyte blocks before the coin, which promoted the increase in block size as something necessary for the survival of Bitcoin.

Volatile Bitcoin Cash continues to cause controversy because bitPico, anonymous group of developers and users of Bitcoin, is moving forward in its coordinated attack with the purpose of checking sustainability of the network BCH. Developed in recent months, the initiative was launched after a similar test on introduction Lightning Network in Bitcoin, which seems to have satisfied bitPico, who previously played for the now defunct decision scaling SegWit2x.

Last week Noda bitPico was blocked, which led to new charges in centralized operations Bitcoin Cash:

“Our monitoring node was again centrally banned like a bunch of VPS. We switched to a new IP and connected again”

“Currently, we track IP addresses, because they seem to be split into separate network groups, most likely to simulate decentralization.”

As previously reported, one of the purposes of “stress tests” — the accumulation of thousands of “attacking” the nod and the subsequent initiation of many forks in the network BCash.

Representatives of the Bitcoin Cash have not yet given any official comment on their plans, while bitPico publicly declared that little faith in the technological basis of this Aldona:

“We don’t think that people in the Bitcoin Cash understand how easy it is to bring down their network,” said bitPico last month.

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