Geth client for Ethereum now handles blocks 40% faster

Geth client for Ethereum now handles blocks 40% faster

The latest release of Geth, which is the main client in Ethereum, “optimizes the processing of “dirty” object during the processing of the blocks and this in turn has led to the fact that processing speed increased by 40%”.

This is the normal update that is not accompanied by any fork.

However, optimization of the processing units by 40%, theoretically, can increase network throughput. Although it does not speed up the production units directly, the time of production of blocks remains the same – about 15 seconds.

This update is of interest mainly to miners and operators of the nodes, as they can now potentially be synchronized faster.

But it may also have wider implications because it can reduce the number of lost blocks, and this in turn will allow miners to increase the limit gas (the block size).

It will happen or not will become clear when reaching the peak load by approximately 1.4 million transactions. But this update is a Testament to the fact that EThereum, especially for those users who use Geth to optimize already now, without waiting for global updates, such as Casper, sharding and other.

In the latest release of Geth also have another secondary function, which may be of interest to dapps, called Clef, which is a kind of offline signature. One of the developers of Ethereum, Peter silagyi commented on this feature:

This allows you to manage keys in multiple applications. Now they will be able to use Geth, Metamask, cpp-ethereum…

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