Get ready to cry Roger Ver: BitPico begins to attack the blockchain BCash

Get ready to cry Roger Ver: BitPico begins to attack the blockchain BCash

BitPico, a group of bitcoin developers, miners and whales, which previously had a tough stress test technology Lightning Network, launched an attack on Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

In a series of tweets, starting from June 22, the team bitPico (names of participants are kept secret) said that after testing Lightning Network strength by a coordinated attack, she intends to do the same thing with Baccano Bitcoin Cash and try to carry out the attack 51%.

“Attack [Bitcoin Cash] has begun; We expect that in 6 weeks we will have 5 000 attacking nod BCash. Then we will conduct multiple forks the chain. Roger Ver will cry”, — stated in the message.

BitPico had established itself as the main supporter of action on scaling SegWit2x. After this initiative failed, the group was not heard until March 2018, when they began to attack Lightning Network.

“We did not leave the network Batocina; we just needed a break. Today, we are optimistic and working on Lightning Network,” they announced on March 17.

At the same time, many of the problems faced by Bitcoin, for example, high commissions and long confirmation of transactions, managed to solve it.

Despite this, the supporters of Bitcoin Cash continues to cultivate the excellence of this Aldona over Bitcoin, refuting criticism from third-party sources on the Internet and in the media.

For bitPico, whose previous stress test network Lightning Network received recognition from key figures in the cryptocurrency community, including Andreas Antonopoulos, the attack on the BCH network became the target of once and for all resolve the debate about the superiority.

“We can mine transaction and discard transactions merchants without confirmation from the pool of our group. It seems that the developers of Bitcoin Cash don’t understand how easy it is to bring down their network”.

Stress test your own network, conducted by a team of Bitcoin Cash, has been harshly criticized by bitPico, who called it “centralized and controlled, and therefore fake”.

Despite all the threats of physical violence. that struck a team bitPico along with a barrage of contempt from supporters of Bitcoin Cash, plans to “break”this altcon using attack 51%, in force. Moreover, bitPico intend to forgot Bitcoin Cash and create the so-called “bitPicoCash”.

For the organization of the attack was created a separate repository on GitHub, which bitPico promise to begin to fill in the near future.

Bitcoin Cash is not the only fork of Bitcoin, which faced a threat of attack 51%. The developers of Bitcoin Gold announced that all efforts to change to prevent another attack like the one that was at the beginning of this month, when hackers stole $ 18 million.

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