Genesis Mining trolls Warren Buffett

Genesis Mining trolls Warren Buffett

After numerous negative comments about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies that have made Warren Buffett recently, one of the top mining companies have decided to answer him in a very peculiar way.

In early may, Buffett and his partner Charlie Munger have repeatedly spoken out negatively in the bitcoin address, using such words and expressions as “disgusting” and “rat poison”.

Cryptocurrencies will end badly, because this asset does not create anything. In addition, the industry now attracts a lot of charlatans, who create so-called exchangers.

Munger spoke much more harshly and compared the earnings on cryptocurrency earnings on the sale of children’s organs.

As you know, in his time, Buffett also spoke negatively about Google and Amazon. Marco Krohn, head Genesis Mining decided to take advantage of this and installed it in front of the office Buffett’s new York Billboard that reminded Buffett about how he was wrong about Google and Amazon and asked could he also be wrong about bitcoin?

Neither Buffett nor his company has yet to respond to this trolling.

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