GDAX begins trading Bitcoin Cash

GDAX begins trading Bitcoin Cash

January 18 at GDAX at 9: 00 Pacific time I start trading Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

On the update page the status of GDAX, indicating that all initial tests were completed by 11:25, with the performance of the platform has been fully restored.

Add BCH for GDAX followed by the addition Aldona on Coinbase, resulting in the Bitcoin exchange rate Cash reached new highs. Although Coinbase owns GDAX, they are two different platforms. However, since the announcement from Coinbase not received any new statements about future additions to the list of traded currencies.

Course BCH responded, rising for the day at 12%. At the time of publication of the article Bitcoin is trading at a Cash price of $1814.

However, the news is great excitement in the cryptocurrency community have not caused. So, engineer at BitGo, Jameson Lopp wrote on Twitter:

“I will not be a revelation that the bitcoin network congestion is mostly caused by popular services like @blockchain @coinbase and @gemini using the space blocks is not effective. If you don’t want to be involved in the problem, do not use them”.

Coinbase promised to introduce SegWit, which would allow to use cheaper and faster transactions at the end of last year, but hesitated with this question. Other companies, including Blockchain and Gemini, is also in no hurry to integrate the Protocol SegWit on their platforms.

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