G20 and cryptocurrency: some details have become known upcoming meetings

G20 and cryptocurrency: some details have become known upcoming meetings

Next week the G20 intends to hold two separate meetings devoted to cryptocurrencies, in an attempt to find a “General answer” over regulation of this sphere.

The G20 will be held in Argentina, which currently holds the rotating chairmanship of the organization. The first session dedicated to cryptocurrencies will be held on Monday. It will make the Minister of Finance of Argentina Nicolas Duiven and Secretary General of the Organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD) Jose angel Gurria.

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The second discussion will be held on Tuesday. The agenda and the approximate points of discussions are not yet known.

We only know that will discuss cryptocurrencies and the technology underlying them.

This question is an important agenda item, delegates will try to come to some common opinion which will reduce the risks without impeding innovation.

In document published for the press it is noted that the blockchain “has the potential to promote financial integration”. However, “it is important to analyze the implications of this technology for financial stability, tax evasion and illicit financial activities.”

Earlier we wrote that the U.S., Germany, France and Japan urged to discuss the question of the regulation of cryptocurrencies at the G20 summit.

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