Futures price for bitcoin has exceeded the rate of cryptocurrencies in the first day of trading

Futures price for bitcoin has exceeded the rate of cryptocurrencies in the first day of trading

The launch of futures on bitcoin at the site of the Chicago Board options exchange (CBOE) was associated with significant uncertainties. Traditional markets out the oldest digital asset, but no one could say for sure, hurl whether bankers, bitcoins or send it to the moon.

A few seconds after launch it became clear: on wall street, gathered bulls, the bulls are very strong, at least at the moment.

The market last month bitcoin is the first day of trading

The January futures for bitcoin, is now worth almost $18 000, that is $4 000 above yesterday’s prices for bitcoin and $2 000 more expensive than the current srednemirovogo values.

At the CBOE, there are other contracts, but the shortest is usually the most popular. Monthly futures closed in January, two months – in February, three-month – in March.

In practice, futures trading is a lot like regular stock trading with the difference that futures contracts are limited in time, while normal traders can keep bitcoin as much as you want. In other words, if you bought a futures contract now, then sell him in January, February or March. The same applies to the sale and subsequent purchase.

At the February and March futures price rose even higher and exceeded $19 000, and then returned to the level of $18 000. However, trading volumes on them are negligible compared to the January futures.

Futures on the CBOE bitcoin the first day of trading

A private futures have bitcoin and on bitcoin exchanges. Although their price exceeds srednelistovoy price it at a much slower rate CBOE.

Futures bitcoin on bitcoin exchanges

As a rule, when the rising exchange price of the asset, the futures price is rising even faster, and Vice versa. However, to use these data in forecasting is almost impossible, because market sentiment can change at any moment.

However, such a high score on the CBOE bitcoin can say that on wall street expect that the rate of bitcoin will continue to grow, although certainly to say, how to lead the market, of course, impossible.

Anyway, today was much more defined than yesterday, and a rise in the price of the futures made the rate of the bitcoin move higher.

The exchange rate of bitcoin to launch gold futures

We have yet to see if traders in the cryptocurrency market and wall street to keep this trend, but now it’s safe to say that the traditional markets have entered a new era, the era of digital assets.

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