From the fall of the Dow to Bitcoin: Top 5 events on world markets today to be aware of

From the fall of the Dow to Bitcoin: Top 5 events on world markets today to be aware of

1. During trading on the new York stock exchange fell the main industrial index US Dow Jones

Indicators collapsed almost instantly with 25 thousand to 24.1. The last time such a collapse could be observed in the fall of 2008 during the global financial crisis. Experts say that never before in history has there been such a sharp collapse in one day.

The Dow Jones is the oldest existing American markets. It covers the 30 largest American companies, including Apple, Boeing, Coca-Cola, General Electric, Intel, JP Morgan Chase, McDonald’s, Microsoft, Nike, and Visa. What Dow Jones has always been an indicator of the economic situation in the United States.

In the late hours of Monday futures for the Dow Jones with incredible speed dropped by as much as 850 points, while the S & P 500 futures dropped by about 100 points. Around 3:45 Eastern time futures Dow Jones has recovered 100 points; the Nasdaq futures and S & P 500 also rebounded slightly.

The collapse of Dow Jones in absolute terms — on 1175 points to close the session and 1,600 during the auction — was the highest for all history of its existence.

Despite the fact that on Monday there was news that can bring down major US indices, the recent events in the bond market added to worries in the market. The increase in the bond yield may reduce demand for assets perceived as riskier such as equities, particularly when these yield higher than stock.

2. Stock markets in Asia and Europe has fallen behind the us

The most important index of the Hong Kong stock exchange Hang Seng fell by 5.5%. Rolled down and the Topix index is 4.4% and the Nikkei 225 lost 4,73%

Meanwhile, European markets experienced a sell-off. While most of the indices fell by about 3% as the markets abroad had been weakened by sentiment. More was subject to the sale of the shares of automobile companies, banks and insurance.

3. Global demand for gold

Total global demand for gold jewelry was 2115,5 tons, for comparison 2,053,6 tons in 2016. The growth was facilitated by the establishment of trade channel in India (growth of 12 percent to 562,7 tons) and China (646,9 tonnes and a growth of 3 percent).

Total gold demand in 2017 across the Middle East plummeted, and the demand for gold jewelry in the UAE for the last 4 years has reached 20-year low. Among the middle Eastern markets only to Iran rose 12 per cent to 45.4 tons.

4. Bitcoin fever

The price of Bitcoin recovered slightly after briefly falling below $ 6,000. This situation is due to panic and drain short-term cryptocurrency investors. With such indicators Bitcoin has lost about 60% per annum.

Ethereum , the second largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, declined by 20% to 636,80 dollars.

Meanwhile, the token Ripple XRP was trading at $ 0.63001 also down for the day by 20% .

5. The US dollar fell with the yield on government bonds, after earlier showed growth.

Investors dumped riskier assets to ensure the relative safety of the dollar and bonds, but in currency and debt markets were generally quiet compared to the stock market.

The dollar index, which reflects the value of the basket currencies relative to the dollar, fell below 89.40. Meanwhile, the yield on US government bonds fell by around eight basis points to 2,719%, compared to a 4-year high of 2,885% set on Monday.

Everything that happened in the last day, made unforgettable first day of Jerome Powell, who on 5 February officially entered a post of the head of the Federal reserve system of the United States. With baptism!

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