From McDonald’s employee to a bitcoin millionaire. The successful investor is advised to hurry with buying BTC now

From McDonald’s employee to a bitcoin millionaire. The successful investor is advised to hurry with buying BTC now

Famous Australian bitcoin millionaire claims that there are only a few weeks to successfully invest in the cryptocurrency prior to its sharp rise in price. In an interview with the newspaper Daily Mail Australia cryptocurrency the rich man shared his story of success and gave some advice about investing in bitcoin.

Sam Karagiozis left school at 15 to work full time at a McDonald’s restaurant. The young man started to get into bitcoin when it was worth only $2, and the first time it has earned, sold for $4. Since that time, Karagiozis money on bitcoin millions. Now his capital is $15 million.

Sam said about this:

“To deal with bitcoin I started by accident, when he was worth $2. I thought this was a steep investment, so I invested a bit of money. Cryptocurrency has rapidly grown to $4. Then I thought I had conquered the world and sold everything.”

Later Karagiozis began to engage in brokering activities. The entrepreneur also launched a series of cryptocurrency ATMs Auscoin where people can exchange BTC for cash and Vice versa.

In addition, he owns a restaurant and company for construction of residential houses.

Of course, the 26-year-old businessman is proud of his financial achievements, but the greatest success is collaboration with famous Australian tennis player Nick Kyrgios and his brother Christos, which he sold “quite a bit” of bitcoin.

Speaking with Daily Mail Australia millionaire from Melbourne admitted that invested all their money into bitcoin and considering buying the virtual currency was advised to do it as soon as possible.

He said:

“This is your last chance to buy BTC cheap.”

“The first quarter of 2018 is probably the last opportunity, when people will be able to purchase bitcoin price below $ 20,000 (16 117 USD) per coin”.

At the end of last year, the price of bitcoin hit a record high of $20 000, but then collapsed and last week traded in the range of $11 000.

Karagiozis sure it’s not cause for concern, and urges investors not to panic.

He reassured those who invested in bitcoin a few weeks ago and now worried that I overpaid. Karagiozis argues that this cryptocurrency is not the first time.

My opinion crypto-millionaire reinforced price forecast:

“I predict that by the end of 2018, the bitcoin will reach 100,000 Australian dollars (80 587 US dollars), and in 3-5 years – 500 000 Australian dollars (402 935 USD). I do not doubt it”.

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