Fork Callisto may happen sooner than expected

Fork Callisto may happen sooner than expected

In early February, Ethereum Commonwealth announced the launch of a new blockchain called Callisto Network (CLO) that will occur by fork Ethereum Classic.

During startup Callisto all accounts ETC on the balance sheet at the time the unit 5.500.000 get the equivalent amount of CLO in the ratio 1:1. Users can use the same address and account networks ETC and CLO.

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Earlier we wrote that the expected date fork is March 5th. However, yesterday it was reported that a fork may happen sooner, it’s 2 March. It is reported by a reddit user under the nickname u/leoturilli. The author, however, does not refer to any sources.

According to the website (unofficial), where you can see the countdown to the fork, it still must take place after 6 days, i.e. about 5 March.

Recall that in order to obtain a new cryptocurrency, you must keep in purses ETC, which provide access to private keys or in those who have announced that they support the fork. At the moment such wallets are:

  • Classic Ether Wallet is available at the link;
  • MetaMask configured to work with Ethereum Classic is available at the link

On the support fork has also announced the Coinomi wallet. Information exchanges that support is not yet available.

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