Forgot my password to my bitcoin wallet? – You will help cryptogenetic!

Forgot my password to my bitcoin wallet? – You will help cryptogenetic!

Imagine this scenario. January 2013, you buy 100 bitcoins for $ 1300, not too much thinking about a new cryptocurrency and a small amount of money that you spent.

But after five years, five years, you realize that your 100 bitcoins are now worth $ 1.3 million. But you forgot the password of your wallet with bitcoins and can’t get access to your million dollar.

It is a nightmare of epic proportions. But if you live in Russia, you can pay a hypnotist to help you remember your password and to access your digital gold.

According to RT, the hypnotist from Russia takes one bitcoin to help users to remember their passwords. If you unlock your wallet, you must also pay five percent of the amount to which you regain access.

Denis Derkach, who manages Russian advertising platform that supports cryptocurrency sites, said that people are willing to literally do anything to get access to the lost accounts.

The price of bitcoin is increasing at a stunning pace. People go crazy with the thought that they can become millionaires, if only to recall the password to my wallet.

Veronica Marimar – hypnotist, which has helped almost half of the 20 clients to remember their lost passwords of bitcoin wallets:

Through hypnosis, I enter the person into an altered state of consciousness, when he can remember the information he needs.

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